Expect "12. Summary of Voting" from Lyle sometime soon. In the meantime, a quick closing address. With our first-ever online AGM now having come to a close, I think our October Quarterly Meeting will present a suitable opportunity to discuss possible improvements for future editions. Attendance on the incoming side was even better than on the outgoing side, with 40 governors having taken part (2 by proxy). Pending word on the FQE's vote for ratification of the FQE-CFC Agreement, we will have a budget meeting sometime in the next few weeks in order to allow the incoming assembly to approve our financial course for the year. A few additional matters might also be addressed at that time. Specifically, a vote on making the proceedings of October's Quarterly Meeting public, as was the case for this AGM. As to the outcome of this meeting, there seemed to be fruitful discourse in all of the discussion threads, which will undoubtedly give rise to a few motions for that meeting in October. Now for a summary of the results of this meeting:

PEI Governor (acclaimed) - Fred McKim
Quebec Governors (elected) - Marc Poulin, Felix Dumont and Hugh Brodie

President (acclaimed) - Michael von Keitz
VP (acclaimed) - Mark S. Dutton
Secretary (acclaimed) - Lyle Craver
Treasurer (elected) - Fred McKim
Youth Coordinator (elected) - Patrick McDonald
FIDE Rep (acclaimed) - Hal Bond

Non-Executive Officers:
Women's Coordinator - Vacant (Iulia Lacau-Rodean has since expressed an interest in serving another term)
Rating Auditor (acclaimed) - Paul Leblanc
Publicity Officer (acclaimed) - Bob Armstrong
Fundraising Officer - vacant
Tournament Coordinator (acclaimed) - Pierre Denommee

Foundation Trustee (4-year term - acclaimed) - Paul Leblanc
Foundation Trustee (1-year term - acclaimed) - Hans Jung

Kalev Pugi Fund Trustees (acclaimed) - Lynn Stringer, Patrick McDonald and Lyle Craver

National Appeals Committee Members (elected) - In order of total votes received: Aris Marghetis, Mark Dutton, Chris Mallon, Lyle Craver, Ilia Bluvshtein

Finally, Ottawa was awarded the 2013 CYCC and 2013 Canadian Open in a strong show of support. The organizers will work with the FQE behind the scenes to sort out the current conflict with the Quebec Open.

With that, thanks to all who attended the meeting and keep your eyes peeled for Lyle's voting summaries.