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Thread: 12. Other business

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    Default 12. Other business

    Anything burning in your mind that hasn't been covered? The minutes of last year's AGM appear to be unavailable, so put that out of your mind.

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    Default SWOCL Web Site

    I didn't see it mentioned under the other topics, so someone can correct me if I should mention this somewhere else.

    I have sent out several emails to all the govenors regarding the SWOCL web site but I dont believe there was very much discussion about it.

    After I stopped hosting the swocl web site at my home I built them a brand new site at the following address:

    As you can see there is no activity on there but the site is menu driven and very easy to operate.

    Once we elect a new executive I am ready to give admin powers to all those who wish to put updates on the new site.

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    Default SWOCL Web Site

    I should note that I will eventually build some chess graphics for the web site if that is what people want.

    There is a way to post our grand prix results on it so I will email instructions for that once we get the responsibilities parcelled out.

    Also I can add other features like a forum and polls..but I think we should continue to do that stuff at if thats possible. (But you guys tell me what you think as well).

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