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Thread: 17. Concluding Address by President

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    Our final online meeting of the year has now drawn to a close. With 34 governors in attendance, discussion was hot in some areas and cold in others. I was particularly disappointed, however, that the occasion of our impending 140th anniversary drew no commentary whatsoever. From an administrative standpoint, the delay in my having received the permissions I needed was also frustrating, although it seems to have worked out in the end. As a sidenote, my thanks go out to Chris, again, for making the number of polling options unlimited - this may prove handy in future.

    The meeting was not all doom and gloom, of course, and I think we have a number of positives to show for our efforts: a solid budget in place, presented prior to the AGM; an improved bonus point formula voted in; Bob G.'s Youth Report finally presented and discussed; a new TDOCP on the books (controversial, as it may be); and a revised Olympic Selection Committee structure (imperfect as the whole process still might be). The last-minute inclusion of a Long-Term Planning Committee Report was also pleasing - Vlad Drkulec has been steering a strong team and I expect his report in July will be worth the wait.

    Olympic fundraising will continue, but, as the discussion raised by Hal highlights, this is a challenge that may call for creative solutions down the line. In the meantime, each of you is encouraged to consider either putting on, or participating in, a waive event. I also encourage each of you to consider the development of bids for the 2013 Canadian Open and/or 2013 CYCC. With the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Open upcoming, it would be a shame to see a rescue bid prove necessary.

    If the desire for further discussion is still burning inside of you, always feel free to turn to the governors' private discussion forum. With that, my thanks to all for participating in this meeting and I hope all of you will take the time to participate in the AGM come July (whether in person, by proxy, or otherwise).

    As a postscript, my public congratulations to Hal on his appointment as a deputy arbiter at the World Championship. I wish him safe travels to Moscow come May.
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