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Thread: STRAW POLL: FIDE Rep on Olympic Fundraising

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Mallon View Post
    So you are saying that you are offended that TDs might be asked to submit reports about their own tournaments? Even though that was happening for years already?
    No; that last remark was triggered by the suggestion to create a simpler newsletter only with contributions from around the country. This seems silly to me: we pay for it and then we also create it...

    Respectfully disagree when you consider this newsletter embarrassing. The electronic format of it (the main beef of chess lovers across this country) is something organizations with more financial power than CFC do for years. Ask the new generation/ juniors what they prefer...

    Not sure how many of you access electronic chess newsletters outside Canada, or this opinion here might be in an overwhelming minority. Please do not sell short this effort!
    Valer Eugen Demian
    FIDE CM & Instructor, ICCF IM

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    If we do that Paul we may also contravene the wishes of some donors. $800 of our fund, for example, is derived from the Women's Championship in Toronto last October.

    I believe that the ground has shifted - our membership dearly wants representation at the Olympiad but may feel put apon when asked to cough up yet more money to pay for it. Victoria has held a fundraiser (thank you!!) and Guelph will next month, but this method has not proved very popular either.

    We need to send both teams to this Olympiad and then secure a stable funding model going forward. Those of you at the annual meeting last year may recall that RBC is interested in a multi year deal for sponsoring many of our properties, and Brian Fiedler was putting this deal together. We were hopeful that such a deal will be in place for 2012 but Brian has had some health issues and 2014 is a more likely target date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Leblanc View Post
    The alternative to sending a team when we can't afford it is not to send a team, or perhaps only send the men's team or the women's team. This is sad, I agree.
    I respectfully disagree.

    We should send both teams in any case.

    Financials - is a separate issue.

    The alternative to sending a fully funded team is sending only players who are willing to pay shortfall (if any) from their own pockets - as it was in 2010.

    In this case, however, we should agree that Yuanling and Natalia won't play for Canada...
    Michael Barron

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