My thanks to those governors that took the time to attend this Fall Quarterly Meeting. It would seem we had 33/55 governors in attendance - a mark I can only hope we improve upon as the 2011-12 term progresses. In addition to having had valuable discourse on a variety of topics, we have now placed two new committees in the able hands of Kevin Pacey (Long-Term Planning Committee and Membership Drive Committee) and legislated a new service for our members in the form of a class certificate program, all of which I am thrilled to see.

With the plusses, of course, there were bound to be some minuses. In particular, I would like to reiterate that I will no longer be seconding motions, as I acknowledge I committed a faux pas this time around. As for the issues with motions themselves, including erroneously omitted phrases and conflicting motions sharing the floor, Lyle and I will certainly endeavour to be more diligent in catching these problems in future. That said, movers and seconders are encouraged to do their part in ensuring that flawed motions aren't filed for presentation to the assembly.

Other than the above, I don't have much more to add. We seem to have business that will carry over to the Winter Quarterly Meeting, so I expect I will be following up with some of you prior to preparing that agenda. Those that wish to contact me directly over any matter arising over the course of my term, be aware that I'm only an e-mail away. Also be aware that the Private Governors Forum is an invaluable resource for soliciting and receiving information between quarterly meetings, so stop in on occassion.

Once again, my thanks to all those who attended, especially those that stuck it out over the course of the holiday weekend.