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Thread: 2012 Canadian Open

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    Default Bid Document

    The full bid document is available at:

    Basically, Mark's post replicates it although it is better formatted and there is a small amount of additional information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Craft View Post
    945. In all cases where competing bids are presented at an annual meeting, ...
    Your logic is compelling, Ken. It's certainly not the first time that the process of awarding a CFC event has been hijacked by the possible presentation of a possible bid at a later date. It's no favour to the bidder. I wonder what the CFC precedents are? I remember there was a kerfuffle concerning Kapuskasing and Vancouver for the 2004 Canadian Open.

    If the CFC annual meeting doesn't want to decide that the "non-bid" (as it was described by many in this thread) is in fact not a bid, then, without contradicting 945, couldn't the annual meeting have decided what it wanted to do, for example, "If no Toronto bid materializes within 14 days, the governors approve the Victoria bid." And if such a motion were not approved, that would encourage (in a straw vote kind of way) the non-bidders to put on their bidding slippers. Mild measures at the annual meeting would immunize against this Parkinson moment.
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