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Thread: Motion 2011-03 (Amended) (Elimination of Life Governors)

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    The meeting was extended once. The president could extend voting on this motion based on that precedent.

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    Default On-line Meetings - No Quorum Required

    Quote Originally Posted by Fred McKim

    Changing the by-laws any other time require a 2/3 vote and 50% of the total number of governors voting.
    Hi Fred:

    The quote above is no longer correct. Bylaw # 3, s. 3 ( a ) was amended at the July AGM, such that the on-line meeting is the equivalent of an AGM re " constitutional " amendments. No quorum of 50 % is required now at an on-line meeting.

    I have sent you my recent correspondence with Bob G and Lyle on this.

    This is my best opinion, but as of yet I'm not sure who agrees with me.

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    Lyle, you should be able to see the votes through the admin control panel. I'm sure I'll be able to flip it back to public, but I can't do that until the next time I'm at home (Thursday night).

    It's ironic because part of my reasons for introducing a similar motion in the past were due to the fact that inactive governors make it almost impossible to pass constitutional motions.

    Bob could possibly rule that this was in fact a "Meeting" and not simply an "Online Vote" and thus anyone present who did not vote is considered automatically to have abstained. So it would then be 19-1 with 22 abstentions, and pass.

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