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    Default Final Day 12 Governor Attendance

    Today, to 3:00 PM EDT, only 17 governors have visited the Meeting. Voting on Motion 2010-03 as amended goes on 'til 11:00 PM EDT ( voting has been rather light - 17/41 governors have voted - less than 50% of those attending ). Don't forget Bob G's Closing Address is at 11:59 PM tonight.

    But I think it is most important that we realize what a step forward the on-line meeting has been, compared to the GL system. We have had almost 70% attendance during the first week of the meeting ( the originally scheduled length ). Governors have never shown before such participation. So it must be kept in perspective, if participation drops somewhat when the meeting starts to go from 7 days to 12 days - also there are less posts, and so not as great an incentive to return to the meeting. As well, when governors have voted on the final motion, they have done their bit, and so may then move back into their normal schedule.

    In this regard, it is important to note we have now had our 42nd governor attend, though he has not yet formally signed in: Maurice Smith. This brings our governor attendance to a record high of 70 % ( 42/60 )!

    Bob ( as ordinary governor, not posting secretary )
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