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Thread: Question re: Sale of CFC Retail Business

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    Default Question re: Sale of CFC Retail Business

    Posted on ChessTalk by Peter McKillop:

    The CFC's home page says this:

    Most books 35% OFF. Most software 25% OFF.
    No backorders.
    While supplies last.
    Free shipping on orders over $100.
    Go to the CFC store.

    If the retail business has been sold to a (hopefully arm's-length) third party, then why does this ad continue to appear at the CFC website? There are some plausible explanations. For example: the webmaster hasn't had time to update the page yet, or; the sale hasn't closed yet and the CFC is allowed to continue disposing of inventory up until closing, or; the sale has closed and the buyer is allowed to use CFC facilities (including building and website) to store and sell inventory until some specified future date or event; etc.

    Just curious.

    p.s. I'm not a governor so there's no need to keep me in the dark.

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    Default Question re: Sale of CFC Retail Business

    Hi Peter:

    Since the Governors have not been given the details of the sale, your optimism is refreshing ( don't hold your breath waiting for an answer, even here on the CFC Discussion Board ).


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