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  1. New FIDE Charter moves closer towards adoption

    Hello All,

    Just returned to Canada this morning. The Presidential Board in Budapest discussed and approved in principle the draft of the new FIDE Charter.
  2. (USA) IM/GM Norm tournament at GM Maxim Dlugy's Academy - Nov 02-10 - New York City, USA

    Chess Max Academy Fall Chess Festival: November 2nd 10th
    1. GM norm and IM norm tournaments
    2. Invitational Weekend Camp with Maxim Dlugy and Boris Avrukh
    3. FIDE rated...
  3. My pleasure Vlad. I was thinking: maybe...

    My pleasure Vlad.

    I was thinking: maybe someone would like to spend a bit of effort and create a poll here in the CFC Forum, replicating the exact answer options that FIDE offered in this...
  4. FIDE asks national federations and their members about time control for Classical

    August 08, 2019 announcement.

    "The FIDE Qualification Commission (QC) is seeking responses to a questionnaire about the length of games required for standard play games to be FIDE rated.

  5. (Foreign) Bravo Anthony! A hugely deserving champion, you...

    Bravo Anthony! A hugely deserving champion, you won the PanAm in great style, leading from start to finish and ensuring that no one could catch you one round before the end.

    Congratulations to...
  6. (Foreign) IM/GM Norm tournament at GM Maxim Dlugy's Academy - Aug 03-09 - New York City, USA

    GM norm and IM norm FIDE rated round robin tournaments and Elite Chess Camp with Karpov, Avrukh, Aagaard and Dlugy!!!

    Chess Max Academy 1470 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10075
  7. (Québec) View Post

    The flagship annual event organized by the Fédération québécoise des échecs opened in a luxurious Sandman Hotel at the Montreal's South Shore.

    Five sections, 186 players, seven federations.
  8. (Saskatchewan) The 2019 Canadian Open - Regina, SK - July 12-18

    The event started today with a beautiful Opening Ceremony that featured greetings from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education (Gordon Wyant, Q.C.) and the City of Regina (Councillor Sharron Bryce).
  9. (Saskatchewan) The 2019 Canadian Youth champions and medalists...

    The 2019 Canadian Youth champions and medalists
    (Final version)

    Girls U-08
    1. Rae Chen - ON (Mississauga)
    2. Sophia Aldaco Murayama - AB (Fort McMurray)
    3. Alia Myrzaibraimova - MB (Winnipeg)...
  10. (Saskatchewan) The 2019 CYCC - Regina, SK - July 07-10

    The government of Saskatchewan, the civic authorities of Regina and generous sponsors, including the Regina Hotel Association, extended warm welcome to participants, officials and the accompanying...
  11. Replies

    CFC Publicity Officer report, Q2 2019 Dear...

    CFC Publicity Officer report, Q2 2019

    Dear colleagues,

    My mandate from the Board includes three principal aspects:
    - writing drafts of CFC press-releases and some external communications as...
  12. (Foreign) Rd 4: Canada - Russia Women 50+ 400 401

    Rd 4:
    Canada - Russia Women 50+


  13. (Foreign) The Canadian contingent is doing well both on the...

    The Canadian contingent is doing well both on the chessboards and in the playing hall. :)

    Team Canada 50+ (D.Ross, P.Ross, M. Barron, D.Chernik) demonstrated good fighting chess in the first two...
  14. (Foreign) Location/date changes for the FIDE Calendar events

    1) Please note that, as per Jorge Vega, the Panamerican Junior U20 Chess Championship 2019 will not take place in Antigua, Guatemala on June 01-08, 2019.
  15. (Foreign) World Senior Team Championships 50+ & 65+ - Rhodes, Greece - Apr 15-25, 2019

    World Team Championships Categories 50+ and 65+
    15 - 25 April 2019
    Olympic Palace (*****), Rhodes, Greece

    FIDE rated Swiss system in 9 rounds. Each team shall consist of 4 players in fixed...
  16. (Québec) View Post

    Le Championnat junior féminin du Québec 2019 va servir comme un tournoi de qualification provinciale pas pour un, mais pour deux événements échiquéens spectaculaires. Jouez dans le Championnat et...
  17. (Foreign) World Cadet U8, 10, 12 Chess Championship - Weifang, China - Aug 20 - Sept 02, 2019

    Please note that the dates of the World Cadet 2019 have been moved again. Ozgur and EVE worked hard to avoid a clash with World Cadet R&B, and finally prevailed over Cindy Li.

    The new arrival date...
  18. (Foreign) View Post

    Maïli fought hard in Game 2 with White but still fell to much more experienced Aleksandra Goryachkina.

    At only 16 years old, she leaves the WWC with her head held high. Bravo Maïli-Jade Ouellet...
  19. (Foreign) View Post

    Maïli this afternoon. Photo Copyright © 2018 by Maria Emelianova,

  20. (Foreign) View Post

    In the first game of Rd1, Maïli drew with Black against a player whose rating was 409 points higher.

    [Event "WWCC 2018"]
    [Site "Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS"]
    [Date "2018.11.03"]
    [Round "1.6"]...
  21. (Foreign) The 2018 FIDE Women's World Ch. - Khnaty-Mansiysk, Russia - Nov 01-25

    Official site.

    Maïli-Jade Ouellet from St-Lambert, Que. represents Canada as the winner of the Women's Zonal in Zone 2.2 (December 2017). Good luck Maïli!
  22. (Foreign) Final results for Team Canada...

    Final results for Team Canada

    Photos from the closing ceremony.

  23. (Foreign) News articles ...

    News articles from the FIDE site.
  24. (Foreign) Official video....

    Official video. Many Canadian players visible.
  25. (Foreign) This forum has a limit of five photos per post....

    This forum has a limit of five photos per post.

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