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  1. Protests work! - Cuba dossier re services by Canada at Havana Embassy

    As noted by a prominent Canadian Peace Alliance, " The Canadian Government has reinstated some Visa Services at its Embassy in Havana following widespread protests. This is a partial but significant...
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    Will there be a report on the website and the Chess Canada magazine?
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    Nuclear materials are well supervised. So I don't...

    Nuclear materials are well supervised. So I don't think your claim stands up.

    The other thing is that the vast majority of so-called terrorists are actually sponsored by one government or...
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    Canada - Cuba - maybe it's tariffs and a bit of dirty work

    More on the Cuba dossier ...

    Canadian Foreign Minister C. Freeland was in Washington over the last few days trying to address ongoing tariff issues between the US and Canada. There was, so far, no...
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    Bank of Canada reports today on climate risks for the financial system

    This one should set the cat among the pigeons. ;)

    Bank of Canada reports today on climate risks facing nation's financial system

    I think the CBC is providing a live feed of the press...
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    Looking at the reporting on this story and it's...

    Looking at the reporting on this story and it's pretty clear this is a newish political animosity towards Cuba from Canada. The GoC has acted much as the US has done, and in the reporting they have...
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    What's dumb in the corporate media

    The Nazional Post gets the inaugural “the stupid, it hurts!” award for the following:

    How to survive a nuclear attack

    Turns out those idiotic "duck and cover" videos from the 1950's were...
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    lol - personal attack by KP

    Nice! I guess that's one way to try and keep this place a conservative echo chamber.

    By the way, what's your feeling on effectively banning Cuban chess players from coming to Canada?

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    Fewer Cubans in Canadian chess tournaments thanks to GoC

    This one is somewhat chess-related: the Government of Canada, among other things, has eliminated visa processing at the Canadian Embassy in Havana. So Cubans now have to fly to another country to get...
  10. Aris, if it's Ok with you, I'm going to post this...

    Aris, if it's Ok with you, I'm going to post this on the Upcoming Tournaments page. It's never too soon for such things.
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    Canadian Pamela Anderson visited publisher Julian...

    Canadian Pamela Anderson visited publisher Julian Assange in the UK high-security prison Belmarsh. It's a odd place for someone who's never been charged, much less convicted, of a violent offence.
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    Stages FIDE pour arbitres et entraîneurs

    Chers amis,

    Je me permets d'attirer votre attention sur 2 stages de formation FIDE que nous organiserons en Français lors des 7° Rencontres...
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  14. 52nd Annual Chess Book Auction - SS Manhem Chess Club

    The CFC has received information regarding a chess book auction. Details follow.

    As John Upper notes, "their books will appeal only to very serious collectors who are trying to fill in gaps...
  15. New Chess Video Series from New Zealand

    Ross McKerras (FIDE 2060) from New Zealand has put together some chess videos and sent them our way. I've peeked at the first one and it is a tutorial on a King and Rook vs King ending. Ross notes...
  16. Chess Coaching opportunity in Sydney, Australia

    The CFC recently received communication from the Sydney Academy of Chess in Australia.

    It seems that they are in need of chess coaches. Brett Tyndal, who is with the Academy noted today in an...
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    Great Chess Quotes

    We've got such a thread on ChessTalk so why not here?

    Has the CFC President been reading Turkmen or Persian literature lately? Best rugs in the world, I hear. Rugs worthy of being beaten. ;)
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    The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.

    G.W.F. Hegel famously wrote in his Preface to The Philosophy of Right that "The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk."

    ... which means, roughly, that wisdom or...
  19. getting the most out of chess software

    Aris, there is the whole question of getting the most out of whatever software you do decide to get. John Nunn had his book, Secrets of Practical Chess, republished in 2008 and is a good place to...
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    Who needs the headache anyway?

    There is another angle here as well. It probably would never apply to the CFC but, given the virulent hostility expressed towards CFC decisions on who to support at FIDE, etc., you just never know....
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    (British Columbia) Cowichan Rapid Open

    Upcoming (new) tournament

    Cowichan Rapid Open
    Island Savings Centre, Duncan BC

    5 round Rapid
    $10 EF
    Prizes based on entries
    (not CFC rated)
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    My anti-virus software caught something again today. I googled the CFC and went to the link; one window opened this discussion board and I got a warning from my anti-virus about another window...
  23. (Québec) CO July 7-14

    Excellent, Vadim!

    I notice that the tournament dates are July 7-14 and not July 6-13. We can change that on the CFC site.

    [Fr: les dates du tournoi sont du 7 au 14 juillet et non du 6 au 13...
  24. (Ontario) related pdf file

    For more information have a look at the pdf file over here.
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    suggestion only

    I'm not responsible for that sort of maintenance here but it might be helpful if you are able to identify: (a) the name of the malware if your anti-virus software was able to identify it; (b) when...
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