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Fairy tale jokes

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Here are two original jokes of mine (afaik), based on some classic fairy tales:

Joke #1 of 2:

After Goldilocks ran away from the three bears, she met up with Little Red Riding Hood in the woods, on her way back from her Grandma's house. Goldilocks said "I just had the scariest experience. I was almost eaten by three bears after I ate some of their porridge and slept in their house by mistake". Little Red Riding Hood replied "My Grandma and I had a scary day too. A big bad wolf almost ate us. At least you had something to show for your trouble". Goldilocks replied "I guess you're right. You know, it's true. Blondes do have more fun".

Joke #2 of 2:

The tortoise and the hare had a rematch after their first race. The hare got out to a big early lead again. He stopped at a pond, got out of his bunny suit and went for a swim. The tortoise caught up, but stopped at the pond for a swim too. He left his shell before he took a dip. The hare snuck out of the pond and went to hide the tortoise's shell. Meanwhile, the tortoise discovered he had lost his shell, so he put on the bunny suit, sped down the road and beat the hare in the rematch... except the hare was declared the winner, since the bunny suit had crossed the finish line first, by a nose.

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