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Book review: Play the Najdorf Sicilian by Rizzitano

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Point form book review by NM Kevin Pacey: Play the Najdorf Sicilian by IM James Rizzitano (Gambit 2010)

- written by a long time Najdorf practitioner
- covers all major variations and sub-variations of the Najdorf in considerable detail, from both White and Black's point of view
- Introduction provides a summary of reasons to play the Najdorf
- there is a short section devoted to typical Najdorf themes
- the author gives a good deal of explanatory prose, besides a wealth of variations that fall within the book's 25 complete main games, which were all played within 10 years previously
- There is original analysis sprinkled throughout the book, and Rizzitano doesn't hesitate to disagree with conclusions reached by others
- in short, the book is an excellent and compact (143 page) guide to the Najdorf, as played from either side.

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