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Updated version 6.0 of hypothetical political platform

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Updated version 6.0 of hypothetical political platform:

The following is based on an old chesstalk forum post of mine:

Below is a hypothetical platform for a fictional Iced Tea Party of Canada, based on my layman's political leanings. Viewers might ask themselves: would they vote for such a party?

Platform for the Iced Tea Party of Canada:

We have 5 goals to improve Canada for its citizens, as listed below in strictly descending order of priority:

1. Improve the Economy (Reduce the Debt, Grow Jobs, Build Manufacturing Base and Research and Development in Canada);

2. Improve the Environment (Reduce or Combat Pollution);

3. Improve Society (Reduce Crime, Fight Addictions, Improve Education & Health Services where not Provincial matters involved, Tighten Immigration, Move away from Multi-Culturalism to Integration like American ideal, Give better tax incentives to have families);

4. Improve Culture (Give Incentives to have world class cities, artists, chefs, writers, poets, film-makers, playwrights, athletics, chessplayers, etc. in Canada when affordable);

5. Improve Canada's Stature Internationally (return to Peacekeeping role, except only if we/NATO are attacked, Host world summits and sports events, and contribute more foreign aid, when affordable).

[first update: Below is a link to an old chesstalk thread where I first proposed a virtually identical hypothetical platform to the above one, including a poll about it that received a limited response, and with ensuing discussion of that similar platform.]

[second update: To be clear, the fictional Iced Tea Party of Canada would be based on a certain amount of admiration for the Tea Party in the United States. The fictional Iced Tea Party of Canada, if it would ever be in power, would be socially and fiscally conservative, and, as true conservatives, would prefer the size of government to be small.]

[third update: In line with the contents of the second update, and the five point platform at the start, the fictional Iced Tea Party would in any budget not run a deficit, normally not increase taxes, and it would eliminate some of the national debt, all while balancing the budget. In addition, there would be prioritized spending (or be the most minimal of any cutting) involving at least the following federal departments or agencies, which the party thinks are most key to improving the economy, or alternatively to improving the environment (otherwise, the party would look for ways to decrease the size of government in general, or else to improve the following departments or agencies):

A. Industry Canada;
B. Business Development Bank of Canada;
C. Infrastructure Canada;
D. Transport Canada;
E. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council;
F. National Research Council;
G. Environment Canada.]

[fourth update: Similarly, the following key departments or agencies would be next in priority for spending (or the least cutting) in any fictional Iced Tea Party budget, again taking into account the five point platform above.]

H. Foreign Affairs and International Trade;
I. Department of Justice;
J. Health Canada;
K. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council;
L. Department of Canadian Heritage;
M. National Defence;
N. Veterans Affairs Canada.

Below is a link that describes the structure of the federal government at the moment, for those wishing to see for themselves what they might want prioritized, or changed.]

[fifth update: Given the great practical difficulties of trying to change the constitution of Canada in a big way, at least all at once (as demonstrated by the failed attempts of Meech Lake and Charlettown, for example), the fictional Iced Tea Party of Canada sees making constutional changes by way of federal referendum questions as an attractive (though perhaps much slower) solution to national issues that may need to be addressed over time via such changes. Below is a link outlining what would be involved in such a process (which has been used before, though seldom). Certainly our party would be interested in having constitutional experts look for such means for the Canadian populace to vote on moving away from mandatory or enforced aspects of multi-culturalism.]

Fwiw, here's a link to a blog entry of mine alluding to my religious beliefs and experiences (ultimately politics is of more academic interest to me):

Also fwiw, a link to my views on humanity's future (largely not taking religion into account):

On link re: # persons involved to endanger a conspiracy:

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