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Throne chess (mate or K to K8 wins)

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The following is based on old chesstalk forum posts and blog entries of mine, concerning "Throne Chess":

[edit: my first mentioning of it, on chesstalk, occured on 28 May 2013 in the following thread.]

Here's a simple idea for a chess variant, one which might decrease the number of games resulting in draws (compared to standard chess), which I call Throne Chess. Namely, the same rules are used as in standard chess, except if White's king ever reaches e8 via a legal move, then White instantly wins by 'Thronemate'. Similarly, if Black's king ever reaches e1 via a legal move, then Black instantly wins by 'Thronemate'.

Throne chess ought to differ from standard chess mostly in the endgame stage, I would imagine, although the game needs practical tests.

Here's 4 links, 1 comparing chess variants & other board games of skill:

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