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I'll be reviewing books and maybe writing about other stuff, we'll see...
Also daily puzzles created by me!

  1. Online tournament details

    This is just my opinion of course, but we've had a number of events lately where it's been difficult/impossible to get information online about the results at the end of each day, for example.

    Right now there's a major event going on and we don't even know who's playing in it.

    Is this just a made-in-Canada problem or does this happen elsewhere as well?
    Chess and me!
  2. Today's Puzzle

    White to move, Mate in 2.
  3. I'm back! And today's puzzle.

    I'm back from an impromptu mini-vacation, sorry for anyone who missed my puzzles (probably not many just yet!)...

    White to move, Mate in 4.

    In other news, the last round of my un-retirement event is on Tuesday and I get to play the top-rated player in the event! Should be a good experience no matter what the result ends up being.
    Puzzles , Chess and me!
  4. Today's Puzzle

    White to move, Mate in 6.
  5. Today's Puzzle

    More of an endgame puzzle, came up in a training game today vs Stockfish.

    White to move, Mate in 3.
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