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Alex Ferreira
04-05-2010, 05:13 PM
Hello all,

This year's Toronto Open was a strange mix of events.
There were by my count 126 players. Far from last year's edition, it was still very competitive in all sections, and we were able to play in the Great Hall, a venue that gives prestige to any event.

Near the end of tournament, Bryan's laptop was stolen. Bryan was stationed just outside the playing hall, in the lower gallery, a corridor with only one exit to the East, between the playing hall and the (enclosed) courtyard, where people did skittles.
Bryan first noticed the laptop went missing at 8:20pm Sunday, and this likely happened between 8:00 & 8:15.
Around the same time or a bit before, a bicycle went missing, which was locked just outside of Hart House's main (Southwest) entrance, belonging to one of the employees.

If you have *any* information regarding suspicious activity or something that could be relevant to the above robberies, please contact Bryan at 416 - 904-5938 or/and Hart House at 416 978 2452, or e-mail me at alex.ferreira@utoronto.ca

The computer record of the entire pairings and standings is therefore lost.
However, we have printed copies of standings after Round 5 and all results for Round 6, so Bryan will reconstruct the entire tournament on computer. It is not particularly difficult but given that we're now in work-week, we will not be rating the tournament this Wednesday. It should be rated next Wednesday April 14. We apologize for that and hope you understand.


I cannot make a full tournament report with all the crosstables, but here's the list of winners:


1st - IM David Cummings - 5.0/6
2nd & 3rd - GM Bator Sambuev & Roman Sapozhnikov - 4.5/6

U2300 Prize - David Filipovich & Liam Henry - 3.5/6

Very competitive at the top. IM Cummings had to play all the tough competition, conceding draws to Roman Sapozhnikov and GM Bator Sambuev, and winning a tough last-round game against IM Artiom Samsonkin.


1st - Michael Kleinman - 4.5/6
2nd - Jesse Wang - 4.0/6
3rd - Stephan Tonakanian, Bernd Hahn & Dalia Kagramanov - 3.5/6


1st - Haizhou Xu - 5.5/6
2nd & 3rd - Omar Shah & Michael Song - 4.5/6


1st - Ferdinand Cale - 5.5/6
2nd - Richard Wing - 4.5/6
3rd - Bruce Dowling, Magas Yusuf, Kevin Wan, Jackie Peng - 4.0/6


1st - Jack Ding - 5.5/6
2nd & 3rd - Qiang Li, Michael Rogers, Hanyuan Ye - 4.5/6

U1400 Prize - Claudio Sottile & Jiaxin Liu - 4.0/6

Unrated Prize - Derick Twesigye & Griffen Emmaque - 5.0/6

Team Prize

"The Arts"
Artiom Samsonkin
Haizhou Xu
Roman Sapozhnikov
Michael Kleinman

It was evident from an early stage that "The Arts" were the team to beat, pulling away and remaining ahead comfortably. First time in Hart House tournaments where one team cruises to the top without concerns of opposition.

Some people still need to claim their prizes:
Bernd Hahn, Dalia Kagramanov, Haizhou Xu, Bruce Dowling & Michael Rogers.
Please contact me through e-mail and we'll arrange to send you a cheque.


For making this event possible I'd like to thank the people at Hart House behind the scenes: Day, Aron & Dermot, and at the desk Armando, Grace, Vicky, Jamie, Sabrina, Ray, Nigel. On-site from the chess club Stuart Brammall, Bill Kim, Haizhou Xu, Jonathan Yu, Kit Ng, as well as our volunteers Roman Sapozhnikov & Samir Hossain. Thanks to Egis Zeromskis for posting games, taking photos and filling in to play a game to make numbers even. Thanks as well to Erik Malmsten & Gary Gladstone for always being of help on-site.

Andrew McMillan from Strategy Games also enriched the tournament and provided players the opportunity to browse through and purchase chess books and equipment.

In-between having his laptop stolen, filing a police report and having to juggle all prize fund awards, doing all the calculations and running a superb tournament as always, it's amazing how Bryan kept the ball rolling with professionalism. We'll be communicating this to Hart House as well.

Lastly, thanks for all who participated and hope to see you soon,

Alex Ferreira
Hart House Chess Club