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Lyle Craver
11-23-2016, 08:46 PM
The motion is:

Motion 5B7. Motion regarding rating of games played outside the CFC

Moved by Leblanc seconded by Pierre Denommee:

Handbook article 436 pertains to CFC members applying to have their results in foreign FIDE rated events rated by the CFC for a fee of $25 provided the CFC is notified a month in advance. I move that FQE and USCF events be added to this article. In the same article, new CFC players with USCF or FIDE ratings are started with whichever of those ratings under which the player has played the most recent games. I move to add FQE to that criteria. Some editorial changes to the wording would be necessary so that FQE members are not referred to as foreign players or non-residents.

Please vote YES, NO or ABSTAIN