View Full Version : 2. Opening Comments of Chair

Lyle Craver
11-18-2016, 10:21 PM
Fellow Assembly members - let's welcome our President Vlad Drkulec!

Vladimir Drkulec
11-20-2016, 02:22 AM
I would like to welcome the voting members to the CFC 2016 fall meeting. We will have reports from members of the executive, officers along with financials and a series of motions from Victor Plotkin the masters’ representative for the CFC dealing with determination of the Olympiad teams. We also have a motion dealing with CFC rating of FQE and USCF events.

Congratulations to the Canadian Olympiad Team which finished eleventh in Baku, Azerbaijan far above its initial ranking and came within one game of shocking the Olympiad winning U.S. men’s team in the final round when a win on one more board (and it was there) could have catapulted the Canadian team into 4th place. Evgeny Bareev played first board and greatly elevated the team with his play against the world’s strongest players. Anton Kovalyov earned the silver medal on board two behind Vladimir Kramnik a former world champion. Chess bro Eric Hansen had a 2700+ performance on board four. Alexandre Lesiege and Tomas Krnan were very solid. Captain Viktor Plotkin skillfully managed the men’s team.

The women’s team was able to hang tough as well and fought hard throughout the tournament. Qiyu Zhou, Yuanling Yuan, Alexandra Botez, Maili-Jade Ouellet and Lali Agbabishvili represented Canada and the CFC on the women’s side. Chess bro Aman Hambleton was team captain. Congratulations to all the players and captains for both teams.

Razvan Preotu fulfilled the requirements to become a GM and has been awarded the title. Qiyu Zhou has fulfilled the requirements to become a WGM and will be awarded the title at the next FIDE board meeting. Congratulations to both of these fine young players who exemplify excellent character and sportsmanship along with world class talent and hard work. We look forward to their many successes in chess and life.

We have an item dealing with litigation with respect to alleged copyright infringement by the CFC brought by Robert Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton is claiming that he has the copyright of a game that he submitted and which was published on the CFC newsfeed. This is simply information about the lawsuit. We don’t wish to reveal too much of the details of our defence at this moment.

As always you can bring up new business. Without further fanfare let us get down to work.