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Vladimir Drkulec
08-22-2016, 01:41 AM
Frank Lee please post your report on this thread.

Frank Lee
08-28-2016, 10:59 PM
Frank Lee please post your report on this thread.

Sorry for the delay. I had to attend to a disaster at work. The plant lost is T1 and backup lines taking the manufacturing plant off the grid – no phones and network (meaning no computers, no payroll, etc.) I had to deploy half the plant IT staff working from home and around the clock to keep data and information flowing to keep production running. We are back on line but still picking up the pieces.
We had a wild summer of chess in Windsor with CYCC, Canadian Open, and the NAYCC at the Casino Windsor. Unfortunately I was only able to help out with the CYCC. I would to say thank you to all the organizers and volunteers for their dedication and support for youth chess. There is an amazing group volunteers in the Windsor area that made these 3 tournaments a success.
This year and forward until further notice the WYCC will be run as two separate tournaments. The World Cadets U8, U10, U12 Chess Championships and the World Youth U14, U16, U18 Championships.
The World Cadets U8, U10, U12 Chess Championships 2016 will be held in Black Sea coastal city of Batumi, Georgia in the modern Sheraton Batumi from October 18th to the 31st and the World Youth U14, U16, U18 Championships 2016 which will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, from September 20th to October 4th.
Just got paged from the plant and need to go. Just quickly about the Youth Advisory Committee, talking with some parents at tournaments and the few exchanges with CFC execs prior to this meeting. Here are my thoughts:
The Youth Committee would an advisory committee made of parents of active chess youth. I think there should five members from the east coast, Quebec, Ontario, prairies, and the west coast. The role of the committee is advise the Youth Coordinator on issues/matters brought to the committee by the Youth Coordinator. Some of the issues the committee could review and find possible solutions – should the CYCC be played a year in advance and could this be done, should we officially support the U16 Olympiad – how to select players and finance the delegation, Judith Polar tournament – again how to select official player and financially support.
I was also thinking to stay on the committee for the next term one must organize one CFC tournament in the current term. I am not sure if how that will go over but I was looking for a way to extra tournaments for the kids. Sorry got to run.