View Full Version : Voting Booth: Motion 2013-Q

Michael von Keitz
10-04-2012, 10:17 PM
Please vote in the poll above. A subsequent post will recap the motion.

Michael von Keitz
10-04-2012, 10:18 PM
That in the event a governorís vote is needed outside the times of the regular online meetings and AGM, such a vote will take place on the governorsí private discussion forum following not fewer than 72 hours of exclusive discussion time on that forum. An email must be sent to all governors at the start of discussion giving them a direct link to the discussion, with the same happening as of the start of voting.

This text will become Paragraph 23 of Article One. (The numbering scheme is extremely confusing below 301 and we may want to look at this!)

The existing Paragraph 23 "Signing Officers" seems to conflict with By-Law Two Article 9, but until such confusion is resolved, the current Article One, Paragraph 23 will become part c) of By-Law Two Article 9.

I suggest that this motion is constitutional.