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Bob Armstrong
05-04-2011, 01:03 AM
The CFC Regular Chess Post – May 4/11.

“ The CFC Regular Chess Post “ is a new feature being tried by me on the CFC “ News “ Forum, as the CFC Public Relations Coordinator. I hope to use it to highlight chess events across the country: playing, political, administrative, etc., as well as CFC facts. So if you have something you think there should be a short blurb on, send me a few key details (bobarm@sympatico.ca ). I recently wrote to the governors: “ if your provincial affiliate is having an upcoming AGM between now and the July AGM, where your local executive and the provincial representative CFC Governors are to be elected, e-mail me a short note with the details of the meeting ( when, where, what time, any particular agenda item, etc. ), or a short report of meeting. I will then post a notice of meeting or a very short report of meeting ( I recently covered the GTCL AGM ) “. I also asked about major tournaments in the provinces – just a few details for a notice or report ( don’t need the more extensive details a Canadian Chess News article would involve ). Thanks.

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator
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